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Come and join Luke Jessop for the Ion Tribe Intensive. In light of the difficult times, Ion Tribe is offering a two-part intensive, consisting of a week long in-person workshop held at Ultima Vez Studios, Brussels. Then in the afternoons, there is an online Riding The Curve workshop available through Zoom, for those who cannot travel.

The mornings will consist of a Riding The Curve workshop, led by Luke Jessop. Bringing together various influences such as; Acro-dance, B-boying, contemporary dance, and circus. Specifically, we'll look at how we can create curves and structures with the body to flow in and out of the floor, utilising the arms, shoulders and full-back in various ways to both receive the floor and create air-time. Seeking to minimise the restrictions of working with the floor, we will take advantage of gravity and 'ride the curve' into the floor. This workshop focuses on finding fluidity and comfort, building on new patterns as we get increasingly more complex/advanced.


The online afternoon workshop will involve the same style of work, however adapted to a smaller space. Concentrating more on how we can be efficient, taking full advantage of the levels that we can occupy whilst under full control.

To be clear, the morning workshop is in studio and the afternoon workshop is online. You can participate in either one.


** COVID CONDITIONS - Due to the current restrictions, the morning workshop is limited to 10 people max. In case of restrictions becoming tighter or the lockdown situation not improving here in Belgium, we will shift the morning workshop online, so that the whole event is available through Zoom. This will of course allow for more people to attend, as well as a reduction of the price down to €80 for the morning workshop also. We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.


Morning (In-studio) - €100

Afternoon (Zoom) - €80


Time (Brussels Timezone - CET):

Morning Workshop: 10am - 1pm

Afternoon Workshop: 2pm - 4pm


Location for Morning Workshop:

Ultima Vez Studios, Rue des Etangs Noirs 97, Molenbeek 1080, Brussels, Belgium

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